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Finding Hope in the Midst of Change


In our fast-paced world, it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life and lose sight of what truly matters. For me, a series of unexpected events in my life has led to a renewed faith in God and a deeper understanding of His plan for me. Despite facing declining friendships and a waning popularity, I hold steadfast in my belief that these circumstances will change.

Slowing Down and Embracing Family:

It all began in March of last year when I broke my ankle, abruptly halting my usual fast-paced lifestyle. The inability to run and constantly be on the move forced me to slow down and reevaluate my priorities. During this time, I discovered a newfound appreciation for the simple joys of life. In April, the birth of my youngest grandchild further emphasized the importance of family. I realized that I had been neglecting the precious moments with my loved ones while being consumed by work and other distractions. Slowing down allowed me to find a sense of happiness and fulfillment in being present with my family.

Discovering a Creative Outlet:

As I embraced a slower pace, God presented me with a unique gift—the ability to turn dreams into stories. These stories were meant to be shared through children's books, and I felt a deep calling to bring them to life. Writing became a way for me to express my renewed faith and relationship with God. Through this creative outlet, I found purpose and a stronger connection to my Christian values.

Transformation of Habits and Relationships:

With the growth of my faith, I witnessed a profound transformation in my habits and relationships. Negative language, which had become a habit, gradually left my vocabulary. The desire for alcohol completely dissipated. These changes were not without challenges, and they put a strain on my marriage and friendships. I experienced the loss of some friends and noticed a decline in my popularity. However, in the midst of these changes, I found solace in my relationship with God. His love and grace brought me a sense of peace and contentment that surpassed any external validation.

Trusting in God's Plan:

In the face of declining friendships and popularity, I continue to trust in God's plan for my life. It's easy to become disheartened and question why these changes are happening, but I firmly believe that God is orchestrating something greater. I have learned to surrender control and lean on my unwavering faith. By placing my worries and anxieties in God's hands, I have found comfort and reassurance that He is working everything out for my good.


Embracing faith and finding hope amidst declining friendships and popularity has been a transformative journey. The challenges I have faced, the changes in my habits and relationships, and the deepening of my connection with family have all played integral roles in my spiritual growth. While the road isn't

easy, I hold onto the belief that this season of change is temporary. I am confident that God has a plan to bring new friendships and restore my sense of purpose. As I navigate this journey, I am filled with hope and excitement, knowing that brighter days filled with love, laughter, and the right people surround me. Let us continue to embrace faith, trusting that God's plan will unfold in miraculous ways, bringing about positive change in our lives.

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