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Returning to My Roots: A Season of Renewal in Christ’s Embrace

In this season of my life, the path has curved back to where my faith began, to my roots in Jesus Christ. It’s an intimate time of reconnection with my foundational beliefs, yet the reappearance of my devotion has left many puzzled and distant. It seems, as my focus turns more resolutely toward God, the supportive throngs I once knew have dwindled, leaving a quiet space around me.

But this season is not about loneliness; rather, it's about rediscovery and strength. It's about returning to a relationship with God that I've always known was there, waiting for me with open arms. My rekindled faith might have altered my worldly relationships, yet the love I see in my granddaughter's eyes reassures me that I'm on the right track. Her unconditional love is God's love mirrored, reminding me of His never-ending presence.

My youngest son is also a beacon of hope, reflecting the transformative power of coming back to one's faith. Witnessing his growth and evolution strengthens my resolve to stay this course, even if I must walk it with fewer companions by my side.

This isn't a new beginning but a continuation of a journey I began long ago. Circling back to my roots in Christ, I find solace and power in the familiar warmth of His teachings and love. The solitude of this path has not weakened me but has fortified my spirit, revealing a deeper connection with my Creator.

I am embracing this season of returning to my spiritual foundation with open arms. It is a testament to the evergreen nature of faith, which can blossom anew even through the longest winter. With Jesus beside me, the courage to move forward springs eternal, and the shifting sands of human relationships become less daunting.

I stand firm in my conviction that this season is one of growth, renewal, and reflection. It is a celebration of coming back to the core of who I am, a child of God, ready to embrace the profound journey that lies ahead. With my heart anchored in Christ, I am reminded that His love is the most steadfast companion I could ever hope for on this walk back home.

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Shirley Mills
Shirley Mills
12 февр.

Beautiful just beautiful .

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