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Televised Beauty Pageants Q&A from Mimi's perspective

I was recently asked, do pageants ever really give as much weight to qualities like intelligence and talent as they do to physical beauty? And what issues come up when parents and kids compete together? Why do some parents seem to lose sight of their role as parents when they're competing? Do these competitions exploit parent-child relationship problems for entertainment? Here are my thoughts......

Television beauty pageants often send mixed messages to viewers regarding the value of physical beauty versus other qualities such as intelligence and talent.

While these pageants may claim to value a well-rounded individual, the focus is often heavily placed on physical appearance. This can potentially convey the message that physical beauty is the most important attribute, which can be damaging to viewers, especially young people.

When parents and kids compete together in beauty pageants, several issues can arise. It can put strain on the parent-child relationship by blurring the lines between parent and competitor. Parents may become overly focused on winning, potentially losing sight of their role as a supportive and nurturing figure in their child's life. This can lead to a range of negative outcomes, including increased pressure and stress on the child, and a distortion of the parent-child dynamic.

In some cases, these competitions may exploit or exacerbate existing parent-child relationship problems for the sake of entertainment. This can be harmful to the individuals involved, as well as to the broader audience, as it can normalize and sensationalize unhealthy family dynamics.

It's important for families to have open conversations about the messages portrayed in beauty pageants and to critically analyze the potential impact of participating in such events. Encouraging children to develop a wide range of skills and qualities, and emphasizing the importance of inner beauty and personal growth, can help counteract the potentially damaging messages of televised beauty pageants.

Wholesome pageantry can provide a platform for participants to showcase a wide range of talents and qualities, beyond just physical appearance. When organized and conducted with a focus on personal development, skill-building, and positive values, beauty pageants can offer a positive and enriching experience for participants.

Here are some aspects of wholesome pageantry that can have a positive impact:

1. Talent Showcase: Wholesome pageants often include segments focused on showcasing the talents and skills of the participants. This can range from singing, dancing, and acting to public speaking, academic achievements, and community service. Emphasizing these talents promotes a well-rounded view of what it means to be successful and confident.

2. Personal Development: Many pageants include workshops, training sessions, and mentoring opportunities that can help participants develop important life skills such as public speaking, confidence, and poise. These experiences can be valuable for personal growth and can contribute to the participants' overall development.

3. Community Involvement: Wholesome pageants often encourage participants to get involved in community service and charitable activities. This focus on giving back to the community can instill a sense of social responsibility and empathy in the participants.

4. Positive Role Models: Pageants can provide an opportunity for individuals to serve as role models for others, promoting qualities like leadership, kindness, and perseverance. When pageant winners use their platform to advocate for important causes and make a positive impact, they can inspire others to do the same.

5. Building Confidence and Self-Esteem: Participation in pageants can help individuals build confidence, self-esteem, and self-expression. By celebrating their unique qualities and abilities, participants can develop a positive self-image and a sense of empowerment.

When wholesome pageantry focuses on these positive aspects, it can be a rewarding experience for participants and can contribute to their personal and professional growth. It's important for pageant organizers, parents, and participants to prioritize these elements and promote a healthy and balanced approach to pageantry that goes beyond physical appearance.

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